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Old School .308 Winchester Match Loads — Proven Reloads and ...

When utilizing civilian brass with loads that were developed in military match brass, you can increase the powder charge by ~1.0 grain to closely match pressures and ballistics achieved in the military match brass.

6 BRX Favorite Loads | Shooters' Forum

Bartline 5C bbl with 8 twist 30 inches long. Match Loads With Lapua Brass 105 Berger VLD,Target),moly), 33.6 gr. Rel-15, Russian Small Rifle Magnum, 3,025 fps, ES - 12, SD - 5 Seated +.020' into lands.

Shooting Sports USA | USMC Match .45 Load

According to O’Connor, Black Hills is also producing an excellent match load in 9mm Parabellum which has shown tremendous accuracy potential in the Beretta Model 92/M9 series pistols now being brought online for interservice pistol matches.

Range Report - Best .223 load for a 20 inch bbl | Sniper's ...

Re: Best .223 load for a 20 inch bbl Hornady 68gr HPBT Match 25.0 gr. Varget OAL 2.255 2800 fps I use all different kinds of brass and primers. Load was shot out of a Rem LTR, .262 MOA was my best group.

The 45 ACP is one of the most widely used pistol cartridges ...

This load gives 770 to 830 fps. In tight match barrels with minimum chamber dimensions. Groups were under 2” at 50 yards in all the team guns. The only adjustment was the recoil spring weight to give perfect functioning in each gun. The Nosler bullet is superb, you can buy this bullet in Nosler ammunition. Nosler loads it to 980

Bullberry Cartridge Loading Data | Bullberry Barrels | United ...

The loading data was developed using an OEHLER 33 Personal Ballistics Laboratory using Bullberry barrels. All loads were weighed or measured using a combination of a RCBS 5-10 powder scale and a LYMAN Autoscale. Dies by Redding in an RCBS Rockchucker press. Case forming was performed in an RCBS Ammomaster and trimmed on a RCBS Trim-Pro power ...

What's the best powder for 284 win? | Shooters' Forum

H4831sc 54.5 CCI BR2 180gr Berger VLD 2890 Lapua brass. Ballard (F-Class Champ) match load. 32″ bbl. Accurate. Single-digit ES/SD. H4831sc 53.0 CCI BR2 180gr Berger VLD 2810 Lapua brass. Tierney data. 30″ bbl. Very accurate 0.3 MOA, SD=6. Soft seat Bergers into lands. H4350 50.7 CCI BR2 180gr Berger VLD 2825 Winchester brass. Litz match load.

6XC Load Data - What The Pros Use - PrecisionRifleBlog.com

6 & 6.5 Creedmoor Load Data; 6BRX, 6BRA, and 6BR Load Data; 6 & 6.5×47 Lapua Load Data; 6XC Load Data (this article) While I’d feel fortunate to know what load any of these top shooters are running, this set of data is the aggregate of well over 100 truly world-class shooters, so what a rich and unique data set to pull from insight from!

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This load is a mild but very accurate load with the lighter bullet to help reduce over penetration. The recoil is very light for rapid follow up shots and the long range ballistics are still excellent as well.