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by the referee, then return the flag to the side.) Stop play — Offside (Assistant referee should indicate he/she has seen an offside with the right arm.) Foul (1 . Hold the flag vertically until acknowledged by the referee; 2. Wave flag 3. Point the flag in the direction where the free kick will take place.) Offside free kick (When the referee

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Soccer Referee Hand Signals Caution or Expulsion Referee holds Yellow card Or Red card above' head' Play On / Advantage Referee indicates with his hands That the Advantage Rule Applies and play should continue Direct Free Kick Referee points in The direction of kick Indirect Free Kick Referee raises his hand Until ball is kicked And Touched by

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assistant referees will use an electronic signal beep × agstick to indicate their decisions. As a general rule, the additional assistant referee must not give obvious hand signals. However, in some instances, a discreet hand signal may give valuable support to the referee. The hand signal should have a clear meaning. The

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Assistant Referee Signals 1 2 3. Title: 2014-15 Soccer Rules_2006-07 Soccer Rules cb.qxd Author: smona Created Date: 5/7/2014 11:32:13 AM ...

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REFEREE SIGNALS ASSISTANT REFEREE SIGNALS: ... U.S. Soccer Concussion Initiative • No heading for players under the age of 11 • Restart is an Indirect Free Kick to


OFFICIAL FOOTBALL SIGNALS HIGH SCHOOL AND COLLEGE. BENCH G 5 10 15 20 25 25 20 15 10 5 G END ZONE ... Referee Communication Signals & Field Reference Author: Charlie ...


To be a referee with the Farmingdale Soccer Club, the individual must be at least 11 years old. Also, referees employed by the club each season will be based on the priority list set forth below: 1. Any returning referee that had worked the previous soccer season 2. Any current member / player in the club 3.

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American Football Referee Signals Images > Clip Art > Sports Clip Art > American Football Clip Art > American Football Referee Signals Whether you are just watching the game at home or in the stadium, or want a career in the National Football League with a job as an NFL referee, you should know the hand and arm signals that football referees use.

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To understand soccer referee signals, start by looking at the on-field referee. If their hands are pointing to a team's goal after a foul, they're signaling an advantage, and if they blow the whistle and point away from a team's goal, they're signaling that the attacking team has a free kick.