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A good tennis volley can put great pressure on your opponent. The Volley is executed before the tennis ball bounces on the court. Although Volleys can be hit from anywhere on the court, they are usually hit moving forwards to the net. Similar to the Slice in setup and execution: both require a high to low movement to generate underspin, making the ball bounce as low to the ground as possible.

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A slice volley is done by angling your racket 45 degrees upward as you hit the ball. You want to move the racket through your abdomen; swinging it above or below will result in a poor slice volley. Before you try to do this in a game, practice the slice volley by hitting your tennis ball to a wall until you get the technique down perfectly.

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Slice forehand approach shots need to be knives, not floaters. 7. You can float or knife a forehand slice and it’s difficult to tell what type of slice is actually being hit. 8. As said before if you hit slice forehands it makes disguising the forehand drop shot a piece of cake. 9. If you hit forehand slices your forehand volley will be better.

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1. Hit the racquet face with the ball in your off hand. 2. Have someone throw the ball into your racquet from a close distance. Apply on the forehand and backhand volley. Repeat 10-20 times and move to drill #3. 3. Move the arm slowly forward while allowing the ball to push the racquet back.

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The player across the net will do the same. They’ll slow the ball by volleying with the racquet under the ball in a slice position (racquet face open) and this will cause the ball to move directly upwards. Once in mid-air, the player will volley the ball back across the net and the point continues.