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When playing a game on grass, you need soccer shoes with cleats as it will help you maintain your balance and grip on soft surfaces. However, you won't need cleats when playing indoors on hard surfaces as indoor shoes are designed for this purpose. Cleats are one of the most important pieces of equipment for soccer players.

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Nowadays, soccer cleats are important primarily because they provide protection for the feet and traction while running and making sharp moves. Traction is with the help of the studs or cleats that are attached to the outsole or bottom surface of the football cleats.

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There is no requirement within the rules of soccer for a player to wear soccer cleats. The laws of the game do require a player to be wearing some sort of footwear, but they don’t have to be soccer cleats. This means that a player who has misplaced or forgotten their cleats before a game can still take part in whatever shoes they have with them.

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Soccer cleats are also far more lightweight than football cleats, and lightweight footwear is favored for flag football as it allows players to move at a faster speed and broadens their range of movement.

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Why Do Soccer Players Wear Cleats? The official rulebook of the FA, the governing body of soccer in England, only specifies ‘footwear’ as a requirement and doesn’t mention anything about cleats. However, soccer is a fast-paced sport that involves a lot of physical contact. Furthermore, players often must run and turn at full speed.

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Cleats allow your feet to grip the turf. Soccer involves a lot of running and sudden changes in direction, and cleats dig into the grass so you are better able to start, stop and cut on the grass. (ref. 2) This also reduces your likelihood of injuries from slipping and sliding all over the turf.

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Soccer cleats can be worn for lacrosse. Although they offer less ankle protection and don’t have a toe stud at the front, they are still a great footwear option. Soccer cleats will provide multiple benefits to the player wearing them. But remember, while you can play lacrosse in soccer cleats, you cannot play soccer in lacrosse cleats.

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If you wear normal shoes on grass, especially wet grass, there is no traction whatsoever and will slip and you will fall. With cleats however, due to the studs/spikes, they stab into the grass and go through the slippery grass into the dirt, giving you a lot more traction. If you try wearing sneakers wile playing soccer, it’s torture.

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